About Us

JP Lifts Care

Jp Lifts is a leading manufacturer and exporter of elevators, escalators, car parking lifts and related control devices with more than 8 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers across the country.Our technical service has the required technical skills and experience necessary to maintain the quality of our equipment and our Installation team done the elavators services as per customers requirements with timely completion.

It is not only mandatory by Government lift department but also essential for your own safety and convenience, to have the AMC of your lift from qualified- licencenced elevator contractors. JP Lifts Care is licensed elevator contractor by P.W.D., Lift department, Tamilnadu to maintain and install all types of lifts.

We offer two types of AMCs viz.

  • JP Lifts Comprehensive AMC
  • JP Lifts Labour AMC

Our Mission

We are strongly commitment to safety and work closely with the people who rely on our products for safe and smooth transport as they go about their day. One way we promote safety is by organizing annual events that give people the opportunity to get to know how elevators operate and how to use them safely.

Enhancing elevator safety is a joint effort. Technology providers must manufacture equipment that meets applicable codes and standards. Building owners and maintenance service providers have a responsibility to make sure the equipment is professionally maintained and kept in good condition.

Elevator users also need to pay attention to their own behavior. For example, children should be properly supervised when using both elevators and escalators, and large items such as baby strollers, heavy luggage, or shopping carts should not be transported on .