Mr. M. Balamurugan shall be the Managing Trustee of the trust and he shall be entitled to continue as such during his life time. He will be the overseer of the trust activities and he will be in charge of the day to day activities of the trust. The other trustees except the Founder / Managing Trustee shall act as trustees for a period of 5 (five) years from this date. They may be appointed for further periods on invitation by the Board of Trustee.

The said Managing Trustee shall be entitled to nominate the next Managing Trustee for life and thereafter the existing Managing Trustee shall nominate their successors in succession. Should a vacancy arises in the office of the Managing Trustee, either by failure to nominate a successor or by non-acceptance of the office by the nominee or otherwise by efflux of times the remaining trustees shall elect a Managing Trustee on such terms for such period as may be specified by resolution of Board of Trustees..

The Trustees other than the Managing Trustee shall be liable to retire after the staid period of 5 (five years) unless they are invited by the Board of Trustees. In case of death, resignation etc., of the Trustees the board in consultation with the Board of trustees has the power to appoint any person to his / her place as Trustee. The number of Trustees including the Managing Trustee / Founder shall not exceed twelve (12) at any time. It is agreed that the activities of the Trust will not be carried outside India.

The Trust formed is a public charitable body open to all and intends to serve its beneficiaries irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion, sex, language etc.,The trust formed is nonprofit motive body and it will not and in no event carry on any activity with the intention of earning profit. The corpus and the income to be accrued in future shall be solely utilized towards the objectives and promotional activities of the trust and no portion of it will be utilized for payment to Trustees or any one related to them.